Monday, January 30, 2006


Distributed living...

"I live distributed life, work in distributed company, have distributed family and distributed thoughts."

This is new concept of living; people should learn how to balance his/her life that is usually distributed among the places, people, and events and in time.

Traditionally we used to have homeland, one job, family live together and everything vas centric, modern technology enabled us to travel faster, communicate instantaneously across whole planet trade on every market... so our perspective has changed and new paradigm of living is here...

Some of the things I write here are 4 or more centuries old but new information technology accelerated communication to infinity:

I wish you best luck in adaptation to new technology and new, distributed, way of living.

Hey Z! :)
It's great to read your blog, and know that you're around here as well!
di si?
ok, vidim da sam ti ja fan no. 1 ovdje :), naime htjedoh komentirati new site, izgleda odlicno.. sve mi se cini da cu ga pocet i ja koristit! Thanks za link!
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