Saturday, January 21, 2006


Do Nothing Which is of no Use

There is more then one month since I have heard the quote from the title of this post. Author is famous swordsman Miyamoto Musahi, from his Book of Five Rings. I am trying to live by that. This is the log of my efforts.

First of all I encourage you all to to try. It seems to be impossible but imagine how much benefits you can experience from just not buying useless things, watching useless TV shows, attending useless meetings and having useless thoughts.

Defining useless

If you read for example this blog and learn nothing you are doing thing of no use. In this example you can find whole wisdom of self-improving path. Everything is about YOU. Is something of no use is defined by you. for me something can be very beneficial but for you it could be total nonsense.

I was lost in my efforts because I did not have clear picture of myself and my goal. Now I am getting to know myself and focusing myself to noble goal. since I know that it is much easier to recognize things.

we can't always know if what we do will be useful (sometimes to us, sometimes to others), but isn't purposefulness part of this? If we start with a clear purpose, then the odds for usefulness go up.
Yes, that's the point!

You said: we can't always know but I say we have always to research!

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