Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Math Will Rock Your World

Article form Businessweek Magazine is top reading definitely!

The world is moving into a new age of numbers. Partnerships between mathematicians and computer scientists are bulling into whole new domains of business and imposing the efficiencies of math. This has happened before. In past decades, the marriage of higher math and computer modeling transformed science and engineering. Quants turned finance upside down a generation ago. And data miners plucked useful nuggets from vast consumer and business databases. But just look at where the mathematicians are now. They're helping to map out advertising campaigns, they're changing the nature of research in newsrooms and in biology labs, and they're enabling marketers to forge new one-on-one relationships with customers. As this occurs, more of the economy falls into the realm of numbers. Says James R. Schatz, chief of the mathematics research group at the National Security Agency: "There has never been a better time to be a mathematician."

Thank you for the comment on "potpourri of thoughts" blog.

I love your About line: I live distributed life, work in distributed company, have distributed family and distributed thoughts. :)

hi SV!

Well, my about line is absolutely true. Sometimes I would like to collect all my dear things on one place but it simply does not go. Well, that’s it my distributed life.
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