Saturday, January 21, 2006


Research Things

One of the most common mistakes is making decisions, business or personal, without researching things. Sometimes it is easy to check facts, but sometimes you will need to do real work to make good expertise.

I am making living by researching technology possibilities and providing my clients with accurate and well-structured expertise.

How to be good in research?

You have to:
understand what your client needs,
use available resources and tools,
do own calculations and tests,
present information in appropriate way.

People think that what they do not understand must be unknown. This is not the true. It is confusion. Someone like that will continue to be distracted by irrelevant things. Like I said in my previous post, Do Nothing Which is of no Use, you have to understand things and have goal in order to distinguish the difference between real value and thing of no use.

What ever you do start it by doing a real, fundamental analysis, you can gain at least some certainty and information about the things.

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